Pet Meds

Lower Prices Pet Medications for Your Dog, Cat, and More. . .

Herold’s Pharmacy North offers North Charleston pet owners  the best prices for your pet’s medications and prescriptions.  We feature medications for Dogs, Cats, and other specialized animals as well!  We have most animal medications in stock now, any specialty medications not in stock can be ordered next day to the pharmacy at no charge.

Dogs, Cats and Animals specialized, custom medications can be filled at Herold’s Pharmacy North as well.  We are able to compound medication for your pet with flavoring and into an easy to ingest or apply form.  Our pharmacy can make a pill medication into a liquid or cream for your pet!

Examples of Pet Medication Services:

  • Flavoring
  • Changing solid pill to a liquid form
  • Specialized creams
  • Locating hard to find medications

Contact the Pharmacy to learn more!

Cat and Dog Pet Medications


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